Original illustration ‘elephant shrew’ including frame and shipping


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If you are fascinated by odd animals, you will love this one!

1 in stock


Elephant shrews are small insectivorous mammals native to Africa, their common English name comes from a fancied resemblance between their long noses and the trunk of an elephant, and an assumed relationship with the shrews. Nonetheless, elephant shrews are more closely related to elephants than true shrews. The creature is one of the fastest small mammals. Despite their weight of under half a kilogram, they have been recorded to reach speeds of 28.8 km/h.

Original drawing, made with vegan materials: soft pastel chalk, watercolor and gel pen on Canson paper. The drawing is approx. 24 x 14 cm (9.4 x 5.5 inch) and framed by the art frame maker. The size including the art frame is approx. 42,5 x 33 cm (16.7 x 12.9 inch).

This drawing will be shipped from Istanbul (Turkey) which will usually take about three weeks to arrive in Europe and five weeks to arrive in the US. The customs of your country has the right to take more time if they think this cute animal drawing is scary or suspicious. You will receive a track and trace code to follow your order.


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