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Sharing my art on your personal social media page with link: yes, please!
I really like it when you place a painting of me on your personal social media page, provided you always add a link to this website, or my @mariatiqwahart page on Facebook or Instagram.

Using my work for any other things without asking: no
You may NOT use, edit or reproduce my work for any other things without asking. You can contact me for information about buying a license to use my work with permission.

I keep the copyright of all my paintings
If you, for example, commissioned me to make a portrait of you pet, the original painting will hang on your wall. But you are not allowed to copy or use it for other purposes without asking. Because I keep the copyright I may print posters etc. of the commissioned painting and sell those in my webshop. If you don’t like this or want to use the painting for other purposes yourself, please consult me.


You get the copyrights of the logo I design for you
Besides making art, I also design logos for companies and charities. If you let me design a logo, you will get the full copyright.