Vegan Art Movement Manifesto

1) Through our individual and collective efforts, ‘“Let us be, first and above all, kind.”

2) The main aim of the collective shall be to promote awareness of all animal rights issues (animal agriculture, animal testing, vivisection, blood sports, domestic pet abuse, etc.), as well as the positive aspects of a vegan lifestyle (health and the environment). This can be achieved by the creation of 2D and 3D art, film-making, the written and spoken word, photography, performance, music, etc.

3) All creative vegans are welcome, as long as they can demonstrate particular skill which enriches and compliments the aims of the collective.

4) No member shall abuse or ridicule a fellow member for having a different point of view than them. All approaches to veganism and animal rights are valid as long as they can be justified by acceptable moral standards, compassion, reason, and logic.

5) Whenever possible, events and endeavors referencing this collective should be shared on social media platforms to help inform and inspire the public, as well as other members of the vegan art movement.

6) When acting under the banner of this collective, members must never be abusive to or condemning of non-vegans.

7) There will be no appointed leader or hierarchy, and each member will be fully responsible for their own work and actions.

8) Under the banner of the “Vegan Art Movement” there will be no limitations to the scope or nature of any creative endeavors, provided that members act within these guidelines.