How much time do you spend on 1 painting ?

How much time making a painting takes depends on the size, how complicated the design is and how many animals or things are on it. For example, a painting of 1 animal on a white background at postcard size takes about 4 hours. A large painting of 32 x 45 cm with several animals like the mouse painting below takes 18 hours. A large painting with even more animals and flowers can reach up around 40 hours.

The time in which I complete a painting is about 3 weeks. I like to leave the painting on my easel some time and to see what can be perfected. Quality is more important to me than quantity.

How much money does a painting cost?

These prices are guidelines. In addition to the format, the price also depends on how complicated the painting is. For example, one animal on a white background costs much less time to paint than several animals with a complex background. The prices exclude shipping and the optional art frame. The paintings are made with vegan materials: watercolor, pastel chalk and a white gel pen on paper.

Do you also portray people?

Below are 2 oil paintings that I made. I also draw and paint people on commission.


Do you sell original paintings?

The paintings below are currently for sale. If you are interested in one of these paintings or another painting, please contact me (on the paintings page you can see which paintings have not yet been sold or donated). For commissions you can check this page.

Do you design tattoos?

It would be very cool to design a tattoo for you! Because the method and the number of hours will be the same as making a commissioned painting, the prices for this will be comparable. A mini tattoo design, such as on your wrist is around € 75. A medium tattoo design, like on your shoulder around € 300 and a large design, like on your back around € 750. These prices include the original painting, but are exclusive shipping costs and the optional art frame. If you only want a soft copy of the design without the original painting you get a 20% discount.

 Wil je een bestaand schilderij van mij als tatoeage? 
Dat kan ook! Alle schilderijen op de pagina schilderijen zijn hiervoor beschikbaar, met uitzondering van de Egel met Twitter vogel en Facebook-boekje. Wil je voor je tatoeage een bestaand schilderij net wat anders hebben, neem dan contact met mij op.

Per gezette tatoeage van een ongewijzigd bestaand schilderij zijn de kosten als volgt:
Mini: € 5
Medium: € 15
Groot: € 25

Je kunt het bedrag overmaken via PayPal naar onder vermelding van ‘tatoeage’ en je naam. Als je geen PayPal hebt, stuur even een mailtje, dan geef ik je mijn Nederlandse bankrekening door.

Can you work in other styles and with other materials?

I can work in almost any style with traditional media as well as with Illustrator and Photoshop. Below you can see some of my work in other styles.

Do you want to make a painting with 20 animals for free? It’s for the sister of the nephew of my neighbor. Her birthday is this weekend.

Okay, to be honest, I have not had this exact question before, but I get the question ‘whether I want to just draw and send this or that’. Unfortunately, it is assumed that ‘I will do it for free or a few bucks’. That is not the case. A drawing or painting costs me hours and hours of work. And I want to make a living from it. That I happen to like it very much to draw and paint does not mean that I can do it for free and start living from air. You also pay a lawyer, house painter or plumber who does his or her job with pleasure.

Somewhere this question is understandable, because you can not see how much time I put in a drawing or painting. That is why you can read more at ‘How much time do you spend on 1 painting?’ above. On this page you can see the development that preceded my paintings. I have literally drawn for decades to be able to do what I do now. Furthermore I studied Applied Arts (4 years) and Art Direction (2 years) and have been making illustrations for big brands like heineken, Nescafé and ING Bank since 2002.

So when you buy a drawing or painting from me it is the result of drawing animals for decades, making professional illustrations since 2002, studying for 6 years and many hours of work.