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By the time I was 25, I had taught myself how to paint photorealistically

My mother, somewhat disappointed, told me that my first drawings were a bit behind. While my peers were already drawing people, I only made “bird nests” (circles) and “snakes” (lines). But I had a lot of fun and continued to drawing animals. I copied nearly all of the animals in Rien Poortvliets’ art book and I spent many hours outside drawing frogs and cows from real life. At school, I received the highest marks in drawing class. But sometimes I would also draw during math class and my teacher would get angry.

2020 / 38 years old

Project Rembrandt inspired me to work with oil paint again. Is this the start of a new period?


Given that there are creatives on both sides of my family, I believe my artistic talent to be innate. However, I have also drawn for decades, and had I not done that, I might still be drawing as a talented nine-year-old. It makes me happy that in 2018, I decided to make drawing my profession. Perhaps the pleasure of drawing is more important than the talent. After all, enjoyment ensures that you continue to develop.


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