It was not until July 1, 1863 – after many protests by the enslaved – that slavery was abolished in Suriname and the Antilles. Enslaved people were enforced to work for another 10 years after 1863. They received no compensation. Their former ‘owners’ did.

On July 1, Keti Koti (“Chains Broken”) is commemorated and celebrated. You can use my Keti Koti illustration for free for anything, as long as it’s ethically and vegan. You can tag @MariaTiqwahArt on Facebook and @mariatiqwahart on Instagram. Tagging is not required, but is appreciated. A license is required for my other drawings. Do you know more about Keti Koti and do you see something that you find beautiful or inappropriate? Please tell me! Below are pink, red and green pictures for social media and here you can download a complete folder with all low and high resolution files. You can also download the open files (PSD with layers and Illustator, 3.36 GB), so that you can, for example, adjust the background color yourself and reposition the various elements. elementen. (For other free illustrations, click here.)

Thank you Marijke Pijlman from Fosterhome ‘Back to the Future‘ for your request to make a Keti Koti illustration! And thank you beautiful D. (12 years old) for being the hand model! Without you this drawing wouldn’t exist ♥


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