Toilet Paper Hamster


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March 2020. Due to the great interest in toilet paper at the moment, I have decided to offer this art form. The drawing is made with Rembrandt pastel chalk. Warning: pastel chalk rubs off. So if you don’t want colorful buttocks, leave this little piece of art in it’s frame.

In Dutch ‘hoarding’ is called ‘hamstering’, because hamsters can hoard food in their cheek pouches. Please be kind to hamsters, hoarders and everyone. You never know someones life completely. For some people these times are extra scary and might even trigger some past hurt. Please be kind and hopefully you can laugh together as friends when all is back to normal again. This cute little hamster could become a funny reminder of overcoming difficult times together.

The price is including the frame and worldwide shipping.

Tip: it’s a fun Christmas gift!

1 in stock


Size toilet paper sheet: 12,5 x 9,6 cm


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