Original illustration ‘agouta’ including frame and shipping


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http://blumberger.net/beifen/index.php If you like weird animals and surprise people with funny facts, you will love having this little piece of art in your home.

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Yeah! It is the first day of  Inktober. Today’s word is POISONOUS. That’s why I drew this agouta. It’s a mammal with an venomous bite like a snake. The agouta has survived the dinosaurs and only appears on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. I also found out that there is a difference between ‘poisonous’ and ‘venomous’. Poisonous is when you get poisoned by eating, touching or inhaling the poison. Venomous is when the poison is injected by being bitten or stung. So technically the agouta is venomous. Oops!

This is an original drawing, made with high quality vegan materials: soft pastel chalk, watercolor, gel pen and fine liner on acid free Fabriano Artistico paper. The drawing is approx. 12 x 17 cm (4,7 x 6,7 inch) and comes with an certificate of authenticity.

This drawing will be shipped from Istanbul (Turkey) which will usually take about three weeks to arrive in Europe and five weeks to arrive in the US. The customs of your country has the right to take more time if they think this cute drawing is scary or suspicious. You will receive a track and trace code to follow your order.

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